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Latest lightning data
The lightning data shown below is being provided by a Boltek Stormtracker Lightning Detector and Astrogenic Systems's Nexstorm software. You are more than welcome to use this image on your own website and the html to use to access the image is given below.

The data image refreshes automatically every minute when viewing it on this page.

The html code to insert this image in your own web page

<p align="center">
<a href="">
<img border="0" src="" width="794" height="552"></a>

simply cut and paste the above code into your own web page! You will need to establish your own refresh mechanism if you want the page to automatically update on your own website in the same way as this page does.

If you are interested in the equipment we are using to generate this image then take a look here

NEW We also have links to some of our customers web pages that have their Boltek detectors online. You can see them here

Meteorologica Ltd cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this data.
We will attempt to keep the data system running but occasionally this may go offline for maintenance.




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